Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Big Data - AWS - some deadly posts & links

Big Data - AWS - some deadly posts & links

1.       Run Common Data Science Packages on Anaconda and Oozie with Amazon EMR
2.       Setting up Read Replica Clusters with HBase on Amazon S3
3.       Healthcare Data Warehouse Using Amazon EMR, Amazon Redshift, AWS Lambda, and OMOP
4.       Visualize Big Data with Amazon QuickSight, Presto, and Apache Spark on Amazon EMR:
5.       Real-time Stream Processing Pipeline with Apache Flink on AWS:
6.       Federate Database User Authentication Easily with IAM and Amazon Redshift:
7.       Data Lake Foundation with AWS Glue and Amazon S3:
8.       Visualize AWS Cloudtrail Logs using AWS Glue and Amazon Quicksight:
9.       an Amazon Redshift Data Warehouse That Can Be Securely Accessed Across Accounts:


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