Monday, February 24, 2014

12c RAC: New Features Highlights 1. Oracle RAC Support for Oracle Multitenant

12c RAC: New Features Highlights
1.      Oracle RAC Support for Oracle Multitenant
2.      Each pluggable database can be made available on either every instance of the RAC CDB or a subset of instances
3.      Application Continuity (AC) is a new technology that protects applications from instance and session failures by re-playing affected “in-flight” transactions on another database instance in the cluster.
4.      Transaction Guard is a reliable protocol and tool that returns the outcome of the last in-flight transaction after an outage that makes the database session unavailable. Without Transaction Guard, applications and users who attempt to retry operations following an outage can cause logical corruption by committing duplicate transactions or committing transactions out of order.
5.      Oracle Flex ASM :Oracle Flex ASM is a new Oracle Automatic Storage Management (ASM) deployment model that increases database instance availability and reduces the Oracle ASM related resource consumption. Oracle Flex ASM facilitates cluster based database consolidation, as it ensures that Oracle Database 12c instances running on a particular server will continue to operate, should the Oracle Flex ASM instance on that server fail.

6.      Policy-managed Database and Cluster Management

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