Monday, February 24, 2014

12c ASM - New Features

12c ASM - New Features

Source: ASM12c New Features Overview. (Doc ID 1542405.1)
1. Old: ASM architecture utilized an ASM instance on every server
 12c(called Flex ASM): Elim inates requirement for an ASM instance on every cluster server . Clusterware ensures ASM cardinality is maintained
 2. In previous versions a CSS cluster requires:
– A public network for client application access
– One or more private networks for inter-node communication within the cluster including ASM traffic
§ In 12c: Flex ASM adds the ASM network, which is used for communication between ASM and its clients
– Can continue to share the CSS private network
3. In 12c:  Increase maximum number of Disk Groups to 511
– Previous limit was 63
 Command for renaming ASM Disk
4. With Oracle Database 12c ASM optimizes reorganization
– Critical files, such as control files and log files, are restored before data files
– Secondary failure is less likely to result in critical file loss
5. In 12c: Administrators can now specify the content type for each Disk Group:
– New disk group attribute; content.type

– Possible values: data, recovery or system 

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