Wednesday, August 24, 2011

AIX - lpar - Power VM - resouce sharing demo

         PowerVM Migration
Before start the demo make sure that all the h/w resources allocated to each lpar are same in quantity.

1.     Assumption: That a P6/P8 h/w is configured with HMC and IP of the HMC is : Connect to the HMC with below details:
Login: demo/ demo

2.     Inside HMC:
(a)    Server-9117-570-SN1077A9D Is the hardware (server) with below details:
Type : 9117 ( Power 6, MMA)
Model: 570

(b)  While expanding the h/w in HMC Panel you should see the below lpars:
OLTP Lpar:
OLTP Lpar login: root / root

D/W Lpar IP:
D/W Lpar login: root / root
3.     Cap/Uncap:
This defines the capacity of a particular lpar’s capacity of utilizing the total CPU of the h/w while the other lpar is not using the CPU cycles.
We need to make cap on and off for both the lpars and show the impact.

Below are the steps/screen shots of capping/uncapping the lpars:

4.     (a) In the box which is supposed to act as an OLTP system)  start some script
that loads the CPU in a fashion similar to that of an OLTP system where at one point CPU utilization becomes 100% for, say, x seconds and then for y seconds no CPU utilization at all.
 n In is the box which is supposed to act as a D/W system write a run a script that maintains a continuous CPU utilization.
6.     (a) Use the tool lpar Monitor (GUI based tool to monitor CPUs of lpars, download link: )to show/demonstrate the behavior .
(a) For adding/removing lpar edit : lparmon.xml
(b) Sample:
 (c ) Or you could use “gmon” another client tool for the same purpose. In that case you must install “gmon-v61.rpm” in the AIX server. The rpm comes with the installer and resides in “aixagent” folder.

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