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RMAN and Oracle Secure Backup (OSB)

RMAN and Oracle Secure Backup (OSB)

Oracle Secure Backup is a separate product with independent release schedule and versioning from that of the database.
Oracle Secure Backup is not integrated with any 3rd-party backup tools. Oracle Secure Backup is an alternative to those product offerings. 

Oracle Secure Backup 10.3 is tightly integrated with Recovery Manager (RMAN) supporting Oracle9i to Oracle Database 11g Release 2

Oracle Secure Backup provides key benefits:
• Fastest Oracle database backup to tape
• Built-in Oracle integration:
o Oracle Enterprise Manager (EM)
o Oracle Recovery Manager (RMAN)
o StorageTek tape devices
o Oracle Exadata Database Machine
�� Oracle-recommended backup software for Exadata
�� OSB, Exadata and StorageTek tape library performance / configuration validated
by Oracle Maximum Availability Architecture (MAA)
• Single technical support resource for entire Oracle environment
• Dynamic tape drive sharing between NAS / UNIX / Linux / Windows servers
• Policy-based backup management:
o Backup encryption: Native or hardware encryption options
o Vaulting (rotation of tapes between multiple locations)
o Tape duplication
o Migration from virtual tapes to physical tapes
Achieve 75%+ cost savings migrating to Oracle Secure Backup from comparable products for initial license costs and ongoing maintenance fees.

Oracle Secure Backup provides native, host-based encryption or hardware (LTO-4, LTO-5 and T10000B tape drives) encryption options. 
RMAN backup encryption is performed within the database. 
Oracle Secure Backup host-based encryption occurs on the database server (outside of database) or on the tape drive. OSB 10.3 backup encryption supports Oracle9i forward while RMAN backup encryption supports Oracle Database 10gR2 forward. Encryption key management differs as following:
• Oracle Secure Backup encryption keys are managed by OSB and centrally stored on the OSB Administrative Server
• RMAN backup encryption keys are managed by the Oracle database

OSB does not support  tape-backup directly. 
However, Oracle databases have always supported disk-based backups via RMAN. The
Fast Recovery Area, a unified disk location, managed by RMAN stores Oracle database recovery-related files. OSB backs up the Fast Recovery Area to tape. In addition, Oracle Secure Backup supports virtual tape libraries (VTL) which are disk appliances that emulate tape drives and libraries.

Oracle Secure Backup Daemons by Host Type

Daemon Administrative Server Media Server Client
Service yes yes yes
Schedule yes no no
Index yes no no
Apache Web Server yes no no
NDMP yes yes yes
Robot no yes no
Proxy no no yes

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