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Legacy backup tools

Legacy backup tools 

i. EBU and OBackup : Oracle woned
ii.ADSM - ibm:AIX

iii. LSM (Legato Storage Manager)
1. Enterprise Backup Utility: EBU and OBackup :backup tool from Oracle corp till Oracle 7 ( before RMAN days)

Although the same API specification is used by both EBU and RMan to 
   write to tape, there are other considerations.  Many MMVs have 
   developed their own unique method for calling EBU and RMan - this is 
   the method that many customer's use for scheduling jobs.  If the MMV 
   has not yet written code to support calling RMAN, it would not be 
   possible to schedule RMan backup jobs using the MMVs GUI product.  
   Media Manager's are currently in the process of customizing their 
   GUIs to call RMAN and also certifying their products work with RMAN.  
   The short answer is the RMAN should not be used with that Media 
   Manager until the MMV has certified that their software works with 
   RMan. Either contact your Media Manager, or check the RMan home page 
   for updates on which MMVs have certified their products on which 
2. ADSM (ibm): AIX: How To Link RMAN with ADSM

1) Install Oracle8.  RMAN is automatically installed as a dependent

2) Install ADSM server.

3) Install ADSMConnect Agent for Oracle7.

   Yes, you must install the Oracle7 ADSMConnect Agent. The APIs for
   EBU and RMAN are identical.  IBM does not have a new connect agent
   out for RMAN. IBM simply re-certified the existing EBU interface.
   Detailed instructions can be found at

4) Shutdown the database.

5) Link the media manager library with the Oracle8 server executable.

     For 8.0.6 and Oracle8i, create a symbolic link:

       rm -f $ORACLE_HOME/lib/libobk.a
       ln -s /usr/lib/libobk.a $ORACLE_HOME/lib/libobk.a

     Note: By default, libobk.a is symlink to libdsbtsh8.a.

     For 8.0.4 and 8.0.5, link as follows:
       cd $ORACLE_HOME/rdbms/lib
       make -f ioracle LLIBMM=mylib LIBMM=mylib LLIBOBK=mylib

     Oracle8i, 8.1.5, 8.1.6, requires ADSM Connect Agent 2.1.7D.

6) Now read the Connect Agent IUG you downloaded from the above URL.

   You must set the environmental variables as per the guide. If you do
   not the database will refuse to come up.  This happened to my
   customer and both Oracle and IBM support were baffled.  The
   parameters you need to pay attention to are:


7) Startup the database.

LSM (Legato Storage Manager) Legato Systems Inc. and Oracle Corporation 
announced that beginning with Oracle8 Release 8.0.4 (Oracle8 release 8.0.3 is 
currently in production) Oracle will include Legato Storage Manager (LSM) with the 
   Oracle8 release. 
   With Oracle8, backup and recovery is integrated with the Oracle 
   Server. For backups that are written to tape, an MML (Media
   Management Layer) from a third party is required. This MML can be 
   purchased from a number of Media Management Vendors (MMV) that 
   participate in Oracle's Backup Solutions Program (BSP). BSP is part 
   of Oracle's Business Alliance Program.  Oracle8 release 8.0.4 will 
   include an MML developed by Legato. Customers can choose whether or 
   not to install this MML developed by Legato for use with Oracle8.  
   Starting with Oracle8 release 8.0.4, customers will have a complete 
   backup solution out of the box sold and supported by Oracle.

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