Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Virtualization : General Outline

Virtual Connect technology virtualizes the connections between the server and the network infrastructure (server-edge I/O virtualization) so that networks (both Ethernet and Fibre Channel) can communicate with pools of HP BladeSystem servers and administrators can change servers in minutes instead of days or weeks.



Virtual Connect  puts an abstraction layer between the servers and the external networks so that the LAN and SAN see a pool of servers rather than individual servers.

Instead of using the default media access control (MAC) addresses for all network interface controllers (NICs) and default World Wide Names (WWNs) for all host bus adapters (HBAs), the Virtual Connect Manager creates bay-specific I/O profiles, assigns unique MAC addresses and WWNs to these profiles, and administers them locally.


Virtual Connect Scenario

With HP Virtual Connect, you can Virtualize IT! Changes are invisible to LAN and SAN administrators.
• No visible change to Ethernet MAC addresses
• No visible change to Fibre Channel WWNs
By applying a server profile to a spare blade and powering up the blade, the new blade can seamlessly take over for the failed blade.

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