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Integrity VM can be installed on an Integrity server or hardware partition (nPartition) running HP-UX.

The Integrity VM environment consists of two types of components:
• VM Host
• Virtual machines (also called guests): Virtual machines are abstractions of real, physical machines.

The guest operating system runs on the virtual machine just as it would run on a physical Integrity server, with no special modification.

Integrity VM provides a small guest software package that aids in local management of the guest's virtual machine.


There is no set limit to the number of virtual machines that can be configured, but no more than 256 virtual machines can be booted simultaneously on a single VM Host.

Integrity VM can improve the availability and capacity of your data center. Virtual machines can be used to run isolated environments that support different applications on the same physical hardware.

Application failures and system events on one virtual machine do not affect the other virtual machines. I/O devices allocated to multiple virtual machines allow more users per device,enabling the data center to support more users and applications on fewer expensive hardware platforms and devices.

Related Products from hp that could be used with Integrity VM include:

HP-UX operating system — Integrity VM runs on HP-UX 11i v2 Integrity systems.

HP WBEM Services for HP-UX — Many related products, such as VM Manager and gWLM,require the VM Host system be running HP WBEM Services A.02.50 or later.

  1. HP Integrity Virtual Server Environment (VSE) — A graphical user interface for managing HP Integrity central managed systems (CMS).Runs under HP Systems Insight Manager.This version of Integrity VM requires VSE version A.02.50 or later.
  2. HP Integrity Essentials Global Workload Manager (gWLM) — As part of the VSE suite, this software product allows you to centrally define resource-sharing policies that you can use across multiple Integrity servers. These policies increase system utilization and facilitate controlled sharing of system resources.
    Make sure the version of gWLM is appropriate for the version of Integrity VM, as described in the HP Integrity Virtual Machines Release Notes.
  3. HP Integrity Virtual Machines Manager — A graphical user interface for creating and managing HP Integrity virtual machines. Runs under either HP System Management Homepage (SMH) or HP Systems Insight Manager (HP SIM) as part of the HP Integrity
  4. HP Integrity VM Providers — To manage Integrity VM guests with VM Manager, gWLM,or any VSE components, install the appropriate provider software from the operating system media or the Integrity VM guest management software kit.

  5. HP Integrity Support Pack and Microsoft® Windows® Server 2003 Service Pack 2— HP recommends that you install the Support Pack and SP2 on all HP Integrity servers running Windows Server 2003, 64-bit. (HP Integrity also supports Service Pack 1.)
  6. VERITAS Volume Manager— A data storage solution product that can be used to manage the physical disks on the VM Host.
  7. HP Auto Port Aggregation (APA) — A network switch that allows you to manage multiple network interfaces, which can be allocated to guests.
  8. HP Serviceguard — A software product that allows you to create clusters of HP-UX systems
    for high availability. For more information, see the Managing Serviceguard manual, and
    Chapter 11 (page 153), in this manual.

You can install Integrity VM on a hard partition (nPar) running HP-UX, but do not attempt to install it on a virtual partition (vPar). Integrity VM fails to install on a virtual partition (vPar).

For configuringt Virtual machine failover on each node in the cluster, the following products are running:
• HP-UX 11i v2
• HP Integrity Virtual Machines A.01.20
• HP Serviceguard A.11.16 or A.11.17



VSE with applications running on it:


HP VSE Reference Architecture for Oracle RAC on HP-UX 11i:


For further information on the HP VSE Reference Architecture
for Oracle RAC please contact your HP sales
representative or authorized HP partner, or visit:
Other information sources include:

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